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Donald Trump indictment

Indicting Donald Trump Is Not Election Interference. His Campaign Is Prosecution Interference

Submitted by Robin Messing on Fri, 06/09/2023 - 7:21pm

Donald Trump claims that investigating and indicting him is election interference. He's got that backwards. His running for office is an attempt to insulate himself from investigation and indictment. In other words, his campaign is prosecution interference. Note how early Trump declared his candidacy. There is no reason for him to have declared this early except to try to insulate himself from prosecution. It's not like he had to declare extra early to build name recognition. Trump declared his run for President on November 14, 2022—721 days before the November 5, 2024 primary.

Only four presidential candidates in the last 24 years have announced their run for president earlier than Donald Trump did.

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