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Trump's Big Lie

How Dominion Voting Systems Can Get Fox News To Tell The Truth

Submitted by Robin Messing on Tue, 04/25/2023 - 5:05pm

Fox Corporation’s announcement of its settlement with Dominion Voting Systems is grossly inadequate. Note what they said in the announcement: “We acknowledge the Court’s rulings finding certain claims about Dominion to be false.” But most importantly, note what they didn’t say. They didn’t apologize. They didn’t even say “we agree with the Court’s rulings.” Nor did they admit any fault whatsoever. 

It is not that unusual for news organizations to make false statements either through mistake or lack of information. Reputable news organizations publish corrections when they make false statements. Those corrections specifically state what they got wrong and present more accurate information. They set the record straight. But this statement by Fox doesn’t even state WHAT they said that was false, (much less admit that their guests were lying to their audience.)

Someone who lived in a Fox bubble would have no idea how significant those false statements were. For all they knew, Fox could have said, “Dominion was used by 23 states in 2020”, whereas they were really used by 24. A Fox Bubbleboy would not know that the false statements made up the heart of Trump’s Big Lie. He would not know that the false statements were a driving factor behind the rampage on January 6. And notice that Fox did not state that they agreed to pay Dominion $787.5 million. That key fact would have told Fox Bubbleboy that this was an important story and that the false statements about Dominion were serious and needed further explanation. And that’s a problem.

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