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What is a Trumpanzee?

Submitted by Robin Messing on Mon, 05/04/2020 - 3:51pm

Definition: Trumpanzee--a hard core worshiper in the Cult of Donald Trump.

Derivation: A portmanteau of "Trump" and "Chimpanzee". Arises from the fact that Trump is making monkeys of his followers, but they are too stupid to realize it. All right, all right. I know chimpanzees are apes and not monkeys. It's called poetic liscense. Deal with it!

Synonym: MAGA Moron

How To Know If You Are A Trumpanzee: If you think that injecting disinfectants to cure Covid-19 is worthy of spending our valuable resources investigating, then you are a Trumpanzee. If you think separating children from their parents and throwing them in concentration camps under inhumane conditions are acceptable, then you are a Trumpanzee. If you are cool with having an Administration lawyer argue that it isn't necessary for children to have soap, bedding, or toothbrushes for their conditions to be considered "safe and sanitary", then you are a Trumpanzee. If you think Donald Trump is a very stable genius after being a five-time gold medal winner of the Stupidity Olympics, you are a Trumpanzee. You might be a Trumpanzee even if you don't believe these things, but if you do believe them then congratulations! You are a bona fide, certified 100% Trumpanzee purebred.

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