Does Trump Hire Only the Best People (Based On Trump's Own Criteria)?

Submitted by Robin Messing on Tue, 06/09/2020 - 4:55pm

When he was campaigning for President in 2016 Donald Trump said repeatedly that he would hire “the best people” for his Administration. Take a look at this video. 



The Importance of Wearing Masks

Submitted by Robin Messing on Tue, 06/09/2020 - 3:17pm

This article is aimed primarily at Trump supporters. Those who do not support Trump are already wearing masks. It is ridiculous that mask wearing has become a politicized issue, but here we are. Donald Trump doesn't wear a mask. (Update: 7/19/2020: Trump has now warn a mask at least once. But he seems to wear masks rarely and reluctantly.) So why should you?

Have you ever noticed two of the reasons that those against wearing masks to stop the spread of Covid-19 give for not wearing masks are:

An Open Letter to Congressman Reed: Demand Trump's Resignation: Original Version

Submitted by Robin Messing on Mon, 06/08/2020 - 1:49pm

Dear Congressman Reed:

I call on you to ask Donald Trump to resign from the Presidency in order to save our democracy. Please let me explain.

Donald Trump was riling up the crowd at a rally in August 2016 over the possibility that Hillary Clinton would appoint Supreme Court Justices who would take away their Second Amendment rights. He stepped over the line when he made a statement that some may interpret as a call for assassinating Clinton or the Supreme Court Justices. "If she gets to pick her judges, nothing you can do, folks. Although the Second Amendment people — maybe there is, I don’t know." Even if you argue that no sane person would interpret this as a call for assassination, not all of Trump's many millions of followers are sane.

During the second Presidential debate on October 9, 2016, Trump told Hillary Clinton that he was going to have his attorney general appoint a special prosecutor to look into Clinton’s emails and throw her in jail. For a President to announce he was going to have his political opponent investigated and thrown in jail is unprecedented. It is the stuff of banana republics.

These statements prompted me to write a column for my blog about two weeks before the 2016 election entitled "Donald Trump Is An Existential Threat To American Democracy." None of Trump’s pre-election statements seemed to alarm you too much, Congressman Reed. You just smiled to yourself and said, “Donald Trump—he’s my kind of guy.” You had endorsed Donald Trump well before he made these statements, but even after he made them you worked so hard to get him elected that he appointed you to be a vice-chair of his transition team

What is a Trumpanzee?

Submitted by Robin Messing on Mon, 05/04/2020 - 3:51pm

Definition: Trumpanzee--a hard core worshiper in the Cult of Donald Trump.

Derivation: A portmanteau of "Trump" and "Chimpanzee". Arises from the fact that Trump is making monkeys of his followers, but they are too stupid to realize it. All right, all right. I know chimpanzees are apes and not monkeys. It's called poetic liscense. Deal with it!

Synonym: MAGA Moron

How To Know If You Are A Trumpanzee: If you think that injecting disinfectants to cure Covid-19 is worthy of spending our valuable resources investigating, then you are a Trumpanzee. If you think separating children from their parents and throwing them in concentration camps under inhumane conditions are acceptable, then you are a Trumpanzee. If you are cool with having an Administration lawyer argue that it isn't necessary for children to have soap, bedding, or toothbrushes for their conditions to be considered "safe and sanitary", then you are a Trumpanzee. If you think Donald Trump is a very stable genius after being a five-time gold medal winner of the Stupidity Olympics, you are a Trumpanzee. You might be a Trumpanzee even if you don't believe these things, but if you do believe them then congratulations! You are a bona fide, certified 100% Trumpanzee purebred.

A Lesson From Donald Trump's Grandnephew, Baby William, and the Corona Virus: Donald Trump Doesn't Care About You!

Submitted by Robin Messing on Mon, 05/04/2020 - 7:38am

The following video by Now This News documents the short-sightedness and negligence of the Trump Administration that has allowed the Corona virus epidemic to become much more widespread and deadly within the U.S. than it need have been. I can’t stress enough how well done it is and how important it is for everyone to watch it and pass it around. WATCH IT NOW!!!




What Star Trek Can Teach Us About The Warren-Sanders Divide And Fighting Russian Disinformation

Submitted by Robin Messing on Mon, 01/20/2020 - 2:17pm

Please click on this tweet and read through the thread. It is a perfect response to the #RefundWarren and the #ITrustBernie hashtags that were on Twitter last week. I have no doubt that at least some of those who pushed it were Russians, laughing up their asses at sowing division among the left.



This reminds me of "The Day of the Dove" episode in the original Star Trek series. (Spoiler ahead) There is an alien being who has managed to get a group of Klingons onto the Enterprise. It sets the crew of the Enterprise against the Klingon Crew and the two groups fight each other to death, except no one ever truly dies. As soon as someone from either crew dies, the alien brings him back to life so he can live and continue the fight. The alien feeds off the hatred of the two crews for each other. Its goal is to promote that hatred. It wants the two crews to be locked on the Enterprise, adrift forever in space, and fighting and "killing" each other in an endless war. Only when the two crews realize the game that the alien is playing can they learn to trust each other enough to defeat it.


I can't recommend this episode highly enough.




Donald Trump Is Mentally Ill. Support Our Troops By Impeaching And Removing Him.

Submitted by Robin Messing on Sun, 01/12/2020 - 10:11pm

Donald Trump claims to be a very stable genius. How stable is he? Is he stable enough to trust him having his finger on the nuclear trigger? Or should he be removed via Section 4 of the 25th Amendment?


It is almost impossible to keep track of the numerous truly bizarre behaviors that President Trump has exhibited over the last three years. Fortunately, Helen Kennedy compiled a list of over 50 such incidents that she posted on Twitter. Click on this tweet and follow the thread for a trip that starts down memory lane and ends in The Twilight Zone.


An Open Letter To Congressman Tom Reed About Impeachment: Pt. 2-Destroying Republican Complaints Against Impeachment

Submitted by Robin Messing on Wed, 12/11/2019 - 6:00pm

This is the second part of a two part letter to Congressman Tom Reed explaining why he should impeach Donald Trump. It covers Donald Trump's attempt to coerce Ukraine into muddling the 2020 election. Topics not included in the House's Articles of Impeachment but which should be considered when evaluating Donald Trump's fitness to continue holding office were covered in Part 1. 


Republicans have made excuse after excuse to avoid seriously considering, much less concluding, that Donald Trump should be impeached. Here are their greatest hits along with evidence that their complaints were made in bad faith.

An Open Letter To Congressman Tom Reed About Impeachment: Pt. 1-Impeach Trump To Be True To Yourself

Submitted by Robin Messing on Wed, 12/11/2019 - 4:55pm

This is the first part of a two part letter to Congressman Tom Reed explaining why he should impeach Donald Trump. It covers topics not included in the House's Articles of Impeachment but which should be considered when evaluating Donald Trump's fitness to continue holding office. I believe that these topics will be of particular interest to Congressman Reed given what he has stated in the past. The second part of this letter debunks many of the Republican objections to impeaching Trump for his attempt to coerce Ukraine to interfere in our 2020 election.


I am writing this letter to you to urge you to impeach Donald Trump. I know my demand for impeachment will not come as a surprise to you since I have contacted you or your office before and asked you to support impeachment. I also know that you are unlikely to put much weight in my opinion because I am a liberal and oppose both Trump and his agenda. That is fine. Do not impeach Trump because of me. Impeach Donald Trump because of YOU. Impeach Donald Trump because much of what he has done is offensive to YOUR agenda. IF YOU FAIL TO IMPEACH DONALD TRUMP YOU WILL BE TURNING YOUR BACK ON WHAT YOU STAND FOR.


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