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A Great Observation by David Samel on Holocaust and West Bank Denial

Submitted by Robin Messing on Sat, 11/02/2013 - 1:11pm

David Samel made a very perceptive observation in the comments section of an article about settler violence in the West Bank.  The article itself is worth a read, but I'd like to focus on Samel's comment about right-wing Israelis who deny that the West Bank is occupied as well as the significance of the Palestinian Nakba.  Samel was responding to a commenter named Bar who had put the term "Occupied West Bank" in quotes to denote that he really didn't believe it was appropriate to refer to the West Bank as occupied territory.  Samel resonded:

...your use of quotes around "Occupied West Bank" is about as offensive as using quotes for the Holocaust, as if it were a historical myth concocted for nefarious purposes.  No, I am not saying that the Occupation (while awful) is comparable to the Holocaust, but denial of each is comparable.  In fact, denial of the Occupation, and the Nakba as well, is worse than Holocaust denial.  Holocaust deniers are rightfully marginalized and powerless idiots, while those who deny that Israel's founding and its acquisition of territory through military force in 1967 had catastrophic consequences on the indigenous Palestinian population are welcomed in the mainstream.  You actually believe that since you (and I) make a claim to be descended from people who lived there two millennia ago, we have every right to displace "squatters" whose presence on the land only goes back 10 or 13 centuries.  In any reasonable world, that would be seen as insane.

The only thing wrong with this observation is that I wasn't the one who wrote it.  Well said, David.