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Evidence: Trump Supporters Are Idiots

Submitted by Robin Messing on Mon, 06/15/2020 - 10:41am

Trump supporters think that liberals look down on them and think they're stupid. I can't speak for any other liberal. I can only speak for myself. But as for me,




In fact, I have the following graphic as my pinned tweet. Click on the tweet and you should see a link near the bottom of the tweet saying "Show this thread". Click that link and you will see a thread of about a dozen tweets containing links backing each point and then some that I made in the graphic.



Someone who goes by the Twitter handle @ComedyCandy has written an even better explanation of why those who oppose Trump think his supporters are morons. @ComedyCandy claims to be an ex-Republican. Whether he or she really is an ex-Republican, I can't say. What I do know is that this is a magnificent thread. Please read through the entire thread in all its informational glory. To see the thread you will have to click a link near the bottom of the first tweet saying, "Show this thread". Click that link and you will see a thread of about a twenty-five tweets.




If you have trouble seeing this very long thread, then go here for an unrolled version of it.


I realize that by writing this short column some Trumpanzee may take this out of context and say, "See--there's proof! Robin Messing thinks we're all idiots. Why should we have to listen to a guy who thinks we're all idiots? And they may even take that a step further and say, "All liberals/Trump supporters think we're idiots. Fuck them! We don't need to listen to them. Their "evidence" is so biased and fake we shouldn't even pay attention to them.


To which I have several responses.

  1. I don't think ALL Trump supporters are idiots. Some are racists. Some are authoritarians who hate our democracy. And some are seekers of power and money who are willing to sell out their decency, their integrity, and their country for personal gain. So, you are not all idiots.
  2. Those who do this are arguing that because I think you are an idiot, the evidence and logic I present must be FAKE and should be ignored. Well, that is an idiotic argument that only proves my point.
  3. If you use the title or the thesis of this blog post to discredit me without linking to this post or explaining WHY I think Trump supporters are morons, then you will have failed a test. You will have proven that YOU are a liar who intentionally distorts what your opponent says and that YOU do not post in good faith. You will, in effect, be proving that it is YOU who is the liar whose claims should be viewed with deep skepticism.


Now, if you are a Trump supporter and if you are upset by what I have written here, you have four options.

  1. Ignore what I have written and pretend that you didn't read it. You have my permission to crawl back to your safe space with a nice security blanket and suck your thumb if you have been that triggered.
  2. Be a slimeball and distort what I have written by posting the headline taken out of context.
  3. Actually look at the evidence that I have presented and develop a reasoned response as to why it is irrelevant or wrong. (And, no--crying "Fake News" or "The Mainstream media is the enemy of the people" like a brain-dead parrot isn't a reasoned response.
  4. Re-evaluate your support of Trump and realize you made a mistake as an increasing number of Republicans are doing. Republican Voters Against Trump has numerous testimonials of Republicans and ex-Republicans who either realized that Trump would be a disaster and didn't vote for him or else voted for him and were disgusted with his performance.  


Now, you might look at the Republican Voters Against Trump web site and say, "Hey--all these testimonials against Trump are by people who give only their first name and the state where they're from How do I know these aren't really Democrats masquerading as Republicans?" Fair enough. But know this: Republican Voters Against Trump is but one of several projects run by Defending Democracy Together, and their leaders are well known Republicans and ex-Republicans who are willing to sign their full names to this venture. And if that's not good enough for you, then look at the Lincoln Project, another group of Republicans and ex-Republicans who are putting country before party. They are behind numerous videos showing how destructive Trump's presidency has been. Their most famous video is Mourning In America.





This video pushed President Trump to blow a gasket resulting in a four-tweet outcry.





Reed Galen, one of those behind Project Lincoln responded by noting that this outburst only provided further proof that Trump was unfit to govern. I will finish by noting the humor in the fact that Trump's response made Kellyanne Conway look like a horrible witch who henpecked her husband, George Conway, into insanity.


I don’t know what Kellyanne did to her deranged loser of a husband, Moonface, but it must have been really bad.


If you have picked the fourth option that I mentioned above--if you have re-evaluated your position in light of new evidence and given up your support of Trump--then I congratulate you. You no longer have to justify a morally corrupt and unfit leader who can't even get his insults straight.


Update: 6/17/2020: I changed the title of this post. It used to be "Why I Think Trump Supporters Are Idiots."