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Indicting Donald Trump Is Not Election Interference. His Campaign Is Prosecution Interference

Submitted by Robin Messing on Fri, 06/09/2023 - 7:21pm

Donald Trump claims that investigating and indicting him is election interference. He's got that backwards. His running for office is an attempt to insulate himself from investigation and indictment. In other words, his campaign is prosecution interference. Note how early Trump declared his candidacy. There is no reason for him to have declared this early except to try to insulate himself from prosecution. It's not like he had to declare extra early to build name recognition. Trump declared his run for President on November 14, 2022—721 days before the November 5, 2024 primary.

Only four presidential candidates in the last 24 years have announced their run for president earlier than Donald Trump did.

  1. John Delaney (2020): Announced 1194 days before election day.
  2. Andrew Yang (2020): Announced 997 days before election day.
  3. Mike Gravel (2008): Announced 932 days before election day.
  4. Richard Ojeda (2020): Announced 722 days before election day.



All four of these candidates HAD to announce early to gain name recognition and raise money for their campaign. By contrast, Donald Trump has one of the most widely recognized names on the planet, has his own Truth Social media site, has easy access to the media, is a multi-billionaire (or so he claims.), and has many billionaire and hundred millionaire supporters who can donate to pro-Trump PACS. In addition, he has a Twitter account with over 86 million followers. And even if he chooses not to tweet on Twitter to honor his contractual obligations to Truth Social, his Truth Social posts are widely reposted by others on Twitter and many other web sites.

Trump had wide-spread name recognition in 2015 when he announced his candidacy for 2016, but it was less widespread than it is now. Why did he need to declare his candidacy 721 days before the 2024 election, whereas in 2015 he declared it 511 days before the 2016 election? Why does he need 210 more days to campaign for 2024 than he did for 2016?

There are only two reasons for Trump to announce his candidacy this early.

1) To raise money early. But he has no greater need to declare his candidacy early for this purpose than any other candidate. Indeed, he already has the greatest name recognition and money-making machine in the country.
2) To create a shield which he could use to fend off prosecutors by declaring their prosecution a politically motivated witch hunt.

Trump’s need to run this early reflects his desperation to avoid investigation and prosecution. His campaign slogan should be, “Trump 2024: It’s the White House or the Big House.”


Update 8/10/23: Watch Ari Melber's brilliant analysis comparing Trump's attempt to avoid prosectution by declaring his early run for president to Oedipus's attempt to avoid killing his father and marrying his mother by fleeing Corinth where he was born.