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A REAL Interview with Yousef Munayyer

Submitted by Robin Messing on Sun, 08/17/2014 - 2:26pm

Sean Hannity invited Yousef Munayyer on his show a few weeks ago to "discuss" the war between Israel and Hamas in Gaza.  I put the word "discuss" in quotations, because Hannity didn't allow much of a discussion.  It would be more accurate if I had written "yell at".  See for yourself.



Too bad Hannity didn't give Munayyer a chance to speak.  He had important information that Americans should know to put the war in Gaza in perspective.  Of course, that's probably WHY Hannity didn't give Munayyer an opportunity to present his information.  Here is what a REAL interview looks like.  It is an hour long, but it's worth every minute of it.  If you only have time to watch one video on this page, then this is the one to watch.



Cenk Uyger and the Young Turks dissected Hannity's performance, and Uyger arrived at the perfect diagnoses: Sean Hannity is a "pussy" for refusing to debate someone knowledgeable on a level playing field.




Comedian Russell Brand made a video that mocked Hannity's interviewing style.  Brand is fairly knowledgeable, but he is not an expert on the Middle East.  He is simply wrong at the end of the following video when he states that this conflict has been going on for thousands of years.  In fact, the first Zionists immigrated into Palestine in 1882.  The Balfour Declaration was signed in 1917.  And the first significant violence between Arabs and Jews in Palestine occurred in late 1919 when Arabs started attacking Jewish settlements.  But despite some minor lapses in knowledge, Brand does seem to have a better grasp of what's going on in Israel and Gaza than Hannity.  And I bet he'd be more willing to give a fair hearing to an opposing point of view than Hannity.





Hannity's response was heavy on the ad hominem attacks and light on a balanced presentation of facts.  Fortunately Geraldo Rivera provided some sanity to this discussion, but even he did not acknowledge that this was an accidental war that was triggered by an Israeli lie about the kidnapping and murder of three teenagers, a lie which Israel cynically abused to  justify a roundup of hundreds of Palestinians in the West Bank.



Brand Responded to Hannity in this video.