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An Iranian threat, and a possible breakthrough

Submitted by Robin Messing on Tue, 05/22/2012 - 9:30pm

There have been two important developments since I posted my article outlining a grand bargain with Iran. 1) Chief of Staff of the Iranian Armed Forces Major General Hassan Firouzabad, proclaimed that "The Iranian nation is standing for its cause that is the full annihilation of Israel.". 2) Iran and the IAEA reportedly reached an agreement that would allow the IAEA inspectors to access Iran's nuclear sites. This could be a very big deal--or it could be less than meets the eye. It's just too soon to say. If Iran is just going to let inspectors in to the Parchin military facilities three months after they first demanded access to it, then we shouldn't be too impressed. They could have used that time to wash away evidence of an explosives testing program.. If, on the other hand, Iran has agreed to allow inspectors in anytime, anywhere on short notice, then this is a very big deal and at least some sanctions should be at least temporarily lifted. This will assure Iran that we are bargaining in good faith and test them to back up their claims that they will be more flexible if we give them something in return. In any case, this is even more reason for Obama to propose the type of grand bargain that I outlined here. It is vitally important to find out from Ayatollah Khamenei if he stands behind General Firouzabad's statement. If Iran continues to take this type of hard line after Obama offers the grand bargain, then it will be easier for us to rally international support for regime change in Iran. And make no mistake about it--there will not be peace in the Middle East so long as the Iranian regime is hellbent on destroying Israel. It is hard to believe that Russia and China would ever support our efforts to change the Iranian regime. But if Obama makes a bold proposal and Iran refuses to state that it could eventually live with Israel, then we may persuade Russia and China to refrain from opposing our efforts for regime change. After all, the Russians and Chinese have often objected in principle to nations meddling with the internal affairs of others. What can be more meddlesome than Iran's declared goal of annihilating Israel?