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If Trump Raped The Taxpayer Pays

Submitted by Robin Messing on Thu, 10/15/2020 - 5:39pm

If William Barr gets his way you, the American taxpayer, will have to pay for the legal defense of a case that arose from just one of the 26 women who have accused Donald Trump of rape, sexual harassment, or sexual impropriety.

E. Jean Carroll accused Donald Trump of raping her in a department store dressing room in the mid-1990s. Trump vigorously denied he even knew Carroll and said, “she is not my type.”  The President, in effect, called Carroll a liar and Carroll, who is reported to have told two other people of the alleged rape shortly after it happened, sued Trump for defamation. She is now trying to get a DNA sample from Trump to see if it matches DNA that was on the unwashed dress she has preserved all these years. Trump, of course, is eager to cooperate and is giving her the DNA sample because he knows he is innocent, and he knows there is no chance that the samples will match. Providing Carroll with a sample is the quickest way for Trump to clear his name from this loathsome and unfounded accusation.

NAAAAAAH! Who am I kidding? Trump is fighting Carroll tooth and nail in court to prevent having to give her a DNA sample. And along comes Bill Barr who filed a motion with the Court that argued that Trump was acting in his official capacity as President when he denied Carroll's accusations. This seems like a bizarre claim to me. There is nothing in the job description of President about being responsible for denying accusations of rape. Trump never went on the campaign trail and said, "If you elect me, I will, in my official capacity as President, deny all accusations of rape."  Trump did not have to deny Carroll's accusation of rape to continue to do his job as President. He could have just kept his yap shut and ignored her. She could not have dragged him into court if he had said nothing because the statute of limitations had run out. It is only because Trump gratuitously called her a liar that he has to defend himself at all.


What does all this mean? It means that Barr is replacing Trump's personal lawyers with lawyers from the Justice Department to fight on Trump's behalf. And that means that you and I, the taxpayers, are going to be stuck with paying for Trump's defense--a sum that is likely to run in the tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars. And if E. Jean Carroll wins her defamation case against Trump--that is, if she can prove that Trump raped her and that he lied when he denied her accusations--it will be we, the taxpayers, and not Donald Trump, who will have to pay the money the court awards Carroll for Trump's crime and defamation.


No matter what, Trump always leaves somebody else holding the bag.

Update 10/21/2020: Watch this video by Glenn Kirschner about Bill Barrs abuse of the Justice Department. Kirschner is a former federal prosecutor with 30 years experience.