Is the President Allowed To Pardon Those Who Conspired To Bring Him To Power?

I am not a lawyer. Nor do I play one on TV.  But I follow Harvard Law professor Laurence Tribe on Twitter and I have read the papers he cited that challenge the assertion that a president can pardon himself. After reading those papers I am convinced that any pardon Donald Trump grants to himself will also fail. I further contend--and this will be controversial--that any pardon he grants to anyone who has helped him become President through an illegal conspiracy will fail.

Privacy Hypocrites: Donald Trump's Taxes and Your Internet Browsing History

23 Representatives--all Republicans--voted to keep Donald Trump's taxes secret.  Of these 23 Representatives who voted to help Trump with his cover-up, 22 voted to allow YOUR ISP to sell YOUR browsing history.  At the very least, those who voted to keep Trump's taxes secret while allowing ISPs to sell YOUR browsing history should be considered privacy hypocrites.

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