Privacy Hypocrites: Donald Trump's Taxes and Your Internet Browsing History

23 Representatives--all Republicans--voted to keep Donald Trump's taxes secret.  Of these 23 Representatives who voted to help Trump with his cover-up, 22 voted to allow YOUR ISP to sell YOUR browsing history.  At the very least, those who voted to keep Trump's taxes secret while allowing ISPs to sell YOUR browsing history should be considered privacy hypocrites.

Donald Trump Doesn't Care About Us:Two Commercials

Donald Trump, taxes, and fiduciary responsibility

Donald Trump seems to be almost as good at dodging taxes as he was at dodging the draft.  We already knew that Trump paid no federal income taxes in 1978, 1979, and 1984. We also knew that Trump paid $0 or close to $0 in federal income tax in 1991 and 1993.  We should have sympathy for Trump in the early 1990's--he was was having tough times during those years as his casinos were going bankrupt and his creditors forced him to live on only $450,000 a month income.  (That’s right. That’s not a typo.)

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