Iran Nuclear Deal

Wouldn't It Be Great If People Would Just Stop Fighting The President?

I saw a Trump supporter comment that it would be great if people would just stop fighting the President. The following is my response to this suggestion.

The Three Dangers of WikiLeaks

There is no doubt that the WikiLeaks  release of stolen emails have damaged Hillary Clinton's campaign.  She may be leading Trump in the polls despite the leaks, but she would have a much greater lead had the DNC not been hacked.

But just how much should we rely on the WikiLeaks emails in evaluating whether Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump should become president? There are three points to consider when evaluating the email dumps.

Senator Cory Booker, Shmuley Boteach and the Iran Nuclear Deal

Shmuley Boteach recently wrote a column for the Jerusalem Post that looked like a plea for people to be understanding of New Jersey Senator Cory Booker's difficult position in regards to the Iran nuclear deal while simultaneously badgering him to reject the deal. Why is this so important? Boteach is a close personal friend of the Senator's and you can be sure the Senator will hear his voice loud and clear. I'd quote the part of the column where he describes how he developed his close personal friendship with Booker over the years, but then I'd have to quote half his column. If you haven't already read his column, DO IT NOW!

An Open Letter to Congressman Tom Reed

Dear Congressman Reed,

You sent out an email on July 24 explaining why you were going to vote to reject the Iran deal.  You wrote:

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