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John Cleese--Minister of silly walks




Donald Trump--Minister of Silly Faces



Definition: ZomBiebi (alt. spelling: Zombibi)-- A neocon who mindlessly echoes the Israeli Prime Minister's talking points on Iran and the Israeli/Palestinian conflict. Incapable of independent thought or feeling human emotions.

Senator Cory Booker, Shmuley Boteach and the Iran Nuclear Deal

Shmuley Boteach recently wrote a column for the Jerusalem Post that looked like a plea for people to be understanding of New Jersey Senator Cory Booker's difficult position in regards to the Iran nuclear deal while simultaneously badgering him to reject the deal. Why is this so important? Boteach is a close personal friend of the Senator's and you can be sure the Senator will hear his voice loud and clear. I'd quote the part of the column where he describes how he developed his close personal friendship with Booker over the years, but then I'd have to quote half his column. If you haven't already read his column, DO IT NOW!

Congressman Tom Reed's Poll

The Poll


I received the following invitation to answer a poll on the Iran Deal by email yesterday from my Congressman, Tom Reed.

An Open Letter to Congressman Tom Reed

Dear Congressman Reed,

You sent out an email on July 24 explaining why you were going to vote to reject the Iran deal.  You wrote:

Theodor Meron: The Settlements Violate International Law

The Palestinians are likely to make Theodor Meron's Top Secret Memo exhibit A if the ICC decides to hold hearings against Israel.   Meron, a Holocaust survivor with a doctorate in international law from Harvard, was one of Israel's top legal experts in 1967. When  Israel's Foreign Ministry asked him whether it would be legal  to settle in the territories captured in the Six Day War, Meron wrote an opinion that stated:

Supporters of the Iranian Nuclear Arms Deal

There have been so many organizations of thoughtful, highly qualified people who have come forth in favor of the Iran nuclear deal (formally known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action or JCPA) that it is hard to keep them all straight.  Here is what some of the more important ones are saying about the deal.


An Open Letter to Senator Chuck Schumer

The following letter is a response to Senator Charles Schumer's announcement that he intends to oppose the Iran nuclear deal. Read the reasoning behind his decision before reading my response to his decision.


John Bolton Said Something Useful About The Iran Nuclear Agreement

Former Ambassador to the U.N. under George W. Bush, John Bolton, recently wrote an article for the Los Angeles Times explaining why we should reject a nuclear deal with Iran.  He practically encouraged Israel to to attack Iran's nuclear facilities and said we should stand behind Israel's attack. Amidst a bunch of half-truths and wild speculation, John Bolton did actually say something worth paying attention to:

An Open Letter to Twitter

You are doing a disservice to every democracy that requires an informed public to run efficiently.  If Ted Cruz, for example, were to drunkenly tweet, "Obama  is an Islamic Kenyan-born monkey who is destroying the country", don't you think the American public should know about it?   Do you think the American public should be denied that information if Cruz immediately regrets the tweet and deletes it?


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